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How accurate is LinkedIn and do social networks have a responsibility too?

Our office increasingly uses LinkedIn as a way of finding new contacts, sales leads and pushing out our own news and developments. But what if that information is wrong? Even worse, what if information about your company is wrong?

I received an automated e-mail recently that proudly proclaimed that someone within my LinkedIn network was celebrating a two-year work anniversary at my company. The problem is, they left several months ago. Continue reading

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When social media is bad for business

How many businesses have created Facebook pages or Twitter accounts without stepping back to think why? Worse still, there are some who don’t realise that the best thing for them to do is get off social media altogether, and fast.

I read an interesting blog post recently that questioned why some businesses feel the need to have a social presence at all. A clothes shop I can understand, but a fridge manufacturer? Perhaps not.

Surfing the web is a great way of researching holidays we might book, or businesses we might use. Having decided to look into replacement windows I went ahead and booked three home appointments with some of the leading names. The first appointment was fine, but out of our price range; the second was just a long and mind-numbing experience as the sales person took three hours to make his pitch, measure-up and provide us with a quote. I know, I should’ve kicked him out – I’ve learnt the lesson I assure you.

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First impressions count on social media too

Social media is all about listening and engagement, right? Of course, but it can also play an important role when it comes to first impressions. The reason for this post is that I’ve been surprised at how some media companies are letting themselves down.

I spent a day at the Publishing & Media Expo (PME) this week at Earls Court in London; a day well spent. Its strength as an event lies in its seminar and keynote programme and I crammed in as many as possible.

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