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BBC battering – be careful what you wish for

The BBC has been through perhaps a unpresendented period of scrutiny and change, and rightly so – it was being managed poorly with public funding. But don’t forget what a brilliant institution it is, you’ll regret it if you bash it too hard.

The critics are at it again, arguing that the corporation should share its £3.6 billion of annual public funding with other broadcasters. Recent news coverage of the BBC has also included the idea of changing licence fee dodging to a civil, rather than a criminal conviction (which looks likely to happen) and this will also bite into the BBC’s coffers. The idea of scrapping the licence fee for an annual subscription worries me but by the end of the decade I would be surprised if this is not in place.

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First impressions count on social media too

Social media is all about listening and engagement, right? Of course, but it can also play an important role when it comes to first impressions. The reason for this post is that I’ve been surprised at how some media companies are letting themselves down.

I spent a day at the Publishing & Media Expo (PME) this week at Earls Court in London; a day well spent. Its strength as an event lies in its seminar and keynote programme and I crammed in as many as possible.

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Has ITV not learnt its lesson, BBC poaching doesn’t guarantee success

It has been reported that BBC Breakfast star Susanna Reid is being lined up to front yet another revamped morning show on ITV with the promise of a £1m deal and less train time.

Great news for Susanna, who gained more star status after her turn on the dance floor during the last series of Strictly Come Dancing. The question I ask myself though, is why does ITV continue to poach the BBC’s talent for such large fees after so many failures? Continue reading

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Digital publishing is growing but in the most obvious of places

With leading gadget monthly magazine, T3 announcing that its digital circulation has doubled to 22,000 over the past 12 months I was interested to see where the growth is coming from and whether it’s good news for everyone or a select few.

With print circulations decreasing, the great white hope was a nice and easy migration to digital. But we should know by now that nothing is ever easy. Continue reading