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How accurate is LinkedIn and do social networks have a responsibility too?

Our office increasingly uses LinkedIn as a way of finding new contacts, sales leads and pushing out our own news and developments. But what if that information is wrong? Even worse, what if information about your company is wrong?

I received an automated e-mail recently that proudly proclaimed that someone within my LinkedIn network was celebrating a two-year work anniversary at my company. The problem is, they left several months ago. Continue reading


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Live Feeds, Vlogs and Online News – Is Video The Comeback Kid?

If beards and Christmas jumpers can make a comeback, I suppose anything is possible. Online video appeared to be losing its lustre but seems to be making a comeback – will it last and is it being used well?

I heard the term ‘vlog’ for the first time a few months ago and it made me cringe; it made me feel the same way the day I heard the phrase ‘staycation’. A vlog, for those of you who don’t know is the shortened name given to the video blog, something we’re seeing more and more of as publishers, brands and ordinary folk all over the world create more ways to be heard and engaged.

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We’d Like To Make Money Too Google, Please Play Fair

Google has become so dominant that it’s now beginning to worry me and surely it’s only going to get worse. The fact that we have all used Google so heavily means we can only blame ourselves; we’ve fed the monster after all.

Of course, we have to play by their rules as choice flies out of the window and we consistently struggle to adapt to new algorithms to ensure our website’s perform to their potential.

But how can our website’s perform? We’re able to produce quality content on our magazine sites only because advertisers choose to use them to market themselves – and banner ads still play the starring role when it comes to revenue.

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When social media is bad for business

How many businesses have created Facebook pages or Twitter accounts without stepping back to think why? Worse still, there are some who don’t realise that the best thing for them to do is get off social media altogether, and fast.

I read an interesting blog post recently that questioned why some businesses feel the need to have a social presence at all. A clothes shop I can understand, but a fridge manufacturer? Perhaps not.

Surfing the web is a great way of researching holidays we might book, or businesses we might use. Having decided to look into replacement windows I went ahead and booked three home appointments with some of the leading names. The first appointment was fine, but out of our price range; the second was just a long and mind-numbing experience as the sales person took three hours to make his pitch, measure-up and provide us with a quote. I know, I should’ve kicked him out – I’ve learnt the lesson I assure you.

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Personalised content v privacy – how do you strike the balance?

In a world where we are bombarded with information through trusty old e-mail marketing and now social media, how can personalisation help with delivering relative content?

Our company has published magazines since 1986 to niche, controlled audiences which means we don’t send our publications to just any old Tom, Dick and Harry. If you want something for free, the very least you can do is fill in a reader registration form so we know a little about you, right? Continue reading

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Guest blogging is often quality and relevant, so why the dim view?

I read a lot of blog posts and if I’ve enjoyed one I’ll want to know who wrote it, what they do and possibly even add them to my social network. This means a link to the author’s profile, website or Twitter handle at the bottom of the post is useful.

So why does it feel like Google tarnishes everyone with the same brush? Although we all know that people use guest blogging to link-build there are lots of people out there who are writing and publishing legitmate, relevant content which people like me value.

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Unique content is SEO gold, so what about press releases?

Content is king and the emphasis being placed on it for SEO and good Google rankings is massive for 2014. So what happens when you base content on a press release?

Across a number of the websites our company updates every day we rely on press releases for a large majority of news output. Whether it’s the latest cast announcement for a West End show, a new exotic tour to far awar places, or a machine that will revolutionise food processing – we receive the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to press releases. Continue reading