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When social media is bad for business

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How many businesses have created Facebook pages or Twitter accounts without stepping back to think why? Worse still, there are some who don’t realise that the best thing for them to do is get off social media altogether, and fast.

I read an interesting blog post recently that questioned why some businesses feel the need to have a social presence at all. A clothes shop I can understand, but a fridge manufacturer? Perhaps not.

Surfing the web is a great way of researching holidays we might book, or businesses we might use. Having decided to look into replacement windows I went ahead and booked three home appointments with some of the leading names. The first appointment was fine, but out of our price range; the second was just a long and mind-numbing experience as the sales person took three hours to make his pitch, measure-up and provide us with a quote. I know, I should’ve kicked him out – I’ve learnt the lesson I assure you.

Facebook page

SafeStyle UK’s Facebook page – a lot of ‘likes’ but a lot of unhappy customers too.

A background check using social media

Suffering window fatigue I took to the web to see if the final company scheduled to come and see us had a decent reputation. They were the cheapest and something was niggling with me to do a background check.

So where do you go to monitor chatter about a company or brand? I headed over to Twitter to see what was being said about SafeStyle UK but it was when I took a look at the company’s Facebook page that I started to have serious concerns. Despite having over three thousand ‘likes’ it was awash with angry and frustrated customers, venting about a myriad of alleged poor experiences.

I understand the problems with online reviews / opinions, most people are only motivated to do so after a bad, rather than a good experience. That’s why I scrolled and scrolled, looking for something positive and, although I did find some, I would estimate that 90% were very negative about the service and product from SafeStyle.

What did I do? I cancelled the appointment of course. For such a big investment you have to get it right. But more importantly, businesses need to get off social media if they’re failing customers to such an extent.

Have you ever seen some good examples of when people should get off social media, or when they’ve jumped in really badly without thinking?

Author: Rob Yandell

Editor, publisher, event organiser.

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