Rob Yandell

Editor, Publisher, Events

Hi there…

You’ve found me – lucky you.

What do I do?

I’m currently the publisher of two brilliant magazines which are available in print and online to their respective niche audiences.

The first is a highly successful monthly magazine for people who organise group trips and holidays. Group Leisure & Travel is complemented by websites, annuals, directories and events.

The second is called School Travel Organiser, with dedicated editions for Primary and Secondary teachers who organise and lead school trips to help inspire and develop children through learning outside the classroom.

Why this website?

To understand the web, you have to play with it. So I decided to create my own website through WordPress. I even started blogging about my views and experiences of working in publishing today. Not that it lasted long; the day job took over… it does pay the bills.

As we surf the waves of the digital age there’s a lot to think about and, although keeping pace with it all is a challenge, I find it fascinating to see how delivery, consumption and now analysis is changing the media landscape.


Thanks for stopping by, and feel free to use the Contact page or find me on LinkedIn if you’d like to get in touch.